luni, 6 iulie 2009


Un site etnografic interesant axat pe zona Balcanilor.

Link aici.

Dunav was founded in 2000 by the Balkan dancers in Jerusalem to continue a long tradition of Thursday night folkdancing. The idea behind the non-profit organization was to funnel income from dancing back into the organization as means for additional activities.
Today Dunav sponsors and runs a number of events. The income from the weekly dancing is used to back this web site, to produce Dunav folklore products, to sponsor the folklore database, and to fund additional music and folkdance events. Our goal is to further the joy of dancing by sharing and exchanging our knowledge with people all over the world.
With this web site, Dunav is now a global organization, with many people contributing first hand reseach, music, and dance videos. The web site has created a lot of buzz in the folk dance community and beyond:
1,000,000+ downloads of music, videos, and music scores
2000+ average daily visits, from 126 countries
1600+ members on Dunav's mailing list, from more than 80 countries

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