miercuri, 8 iulie 2009

De prin lume adunate....

Tot căutând pe internet am descoperit câteva site-uri interesante; iată despre ce este vorba:

Volunteer Archaeology in Romania

Un proiect de arheologie bazat pe voluntariatul tinerilor pasionaţi din străinătate. Pe site puteţi găsi informaţii utile despre proiectele derulate, membrii proiectului din România, fotografii, dar şi impresii ale participanţilor la acest proiect.
De exemplu, iată ce povesteşte Emma Hatherall:

It was the next morning when we got stuck into the archaeology. Having to get up at 5.30 in the morning was the hardest part of a usual day, although a large cup of coffee usually did the trick in waking you up! It was an advantage being based on the dig site, this meant no daily travelling, and having to work under direct sunlight meant that work stopped every morning before 11am because of the heat and started again in the evening at around 6pm. This left the rest of the day free, but it was usually occupied by some of the best naps you will ever have! When you were blessed with a boost of energy though after all the digging, there was plenty of fishing, short walks and table tennis to occupy your time.
Having to work until 8.30pm most evenings on the island meant that dinner was eaten rather late but true to form the archaeologists always made sure there was alcohol readily available at the 'bar' which consisted of bottled spirits on a small log table for people to drink while they waited for the evening meal to be served. The evening meal was a feast of leftovers from lunch, along with any extra fish or meat that was brought to the island that day by the fishermen and any other passing guests! Some examples of these evening feasts included a selection of barbequed meat, freshly culled goat, fresh lobster (my personal favourite!), and fish that had been caught that very morning.
Within the first week we had learnt the general site etiquette, been shown how to handle a trowel and record the different layers of sediment, and had become supporting stars in a Romanian television production! To top the week off we then spent our first weekend at the coast, spending some time sunning ourselves by the Black sea and taking full advantage of having a flushing toilet again!
Time flew by though, and on the Sunday we were soon being driven back to the train station for the long journey back to the Danube, accompanied part of the way by a young man sporting a picture of crucified Jesus inked into his back! The first week had been particularly hard, especially being in such a remote area where not all the volunteers spoke good English. Despite this everyone had made a real effort to get to know us and not only did I get a crash course in Romanian, but I had soon made some very good friends.
Restul puteţi vizita pe site-ul proiectului Volunteer Archaeology in Romania.

A.S.A.I.R. Constanţa

Un alt blog interesant este cel realizat de A.S.A.I.R. Constanţa (Asociaţiei Studenţilor la Arheologie şi Istorie din România), unde veţi putea găsi numeroase informaţii despre şantierele arheologice aflate în desfăşurare în Dobrogea, dar şi despre proiectele culturale la care A.S.A.I.R. a luat parte. Mai multe puteţi citi aici.

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